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Field News:

Liveage (not the Descendents album)

March 14th, 2008 by Bryan Bedell

Well, we’re live at last, and we’re getting some great feedback. Andy at Pencil Things had some very nice things to say, especially regarding our pencil (he’s an expert!) and our durability (washing machine!). He also suggested this “government pen” as a Field Notes product, and we’re really digging that idea.

We also got some friendly shout-outs from Poppytalk (leaking our special offer, ahem), Sticboy, Kaylow (we’ve “blown up,” in the parlance of our times), Vanja, and a few nice emails with some good input. Thanks, all! Your excitement is getting us even more excited, which in turn will… well, you get it. Thanks.

P.S. RSS feed coming soon, oops! Pardon our dust.