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Funk’s G Hybrid Corn Data Notebook

March 17th, 2008 by Bryan Bedell

Funk’s G Hybrid Corn Data Notebook Before P-Funk, there was G-Funk, “America’s Greatest Hybrid.” I’m not sure where to start heaping love on this design, you’ve got the phrase “Corn Data Notebook” which is maybe the greatest combination of three words in the English language, ever. You’ve got the essential map of the U.S. of A. with a signpost obliterating North Dakota. You’ve got Futura. You’ve got some sort of corn explosion. And best of all, you’ve got the “Call to Action” (“plant them!”) that clients love so much. This notebook is consistently good, year after year, right down to the pen squiggle resting on the cross-stroke of the “G.”

UPDATE: Check out Americana Resources’ Farm Related Paper Collectibles. Drap, have you seen this!? It’s like the MoOM of Funk’s G Hybrid Corn Data Notebooks.