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Field News:

Ag Cred?

April 15th, 2008 by Bryan Bedell

Just in case you ever find yourself doubting the authenticity of Field Notes, or wondering “Those hipster urban beardos and their Vespas and Hüsker Dü LPs, what do they know about ‘the vanishing subgenre of agricultural memo books?'”:

Here at Coudal, we’re kind of quiet about our client work, but just in the name of agricultural credibility, let it be known we’ve been working for a farm for a few years now. Sure, it’s a farm with a website and an epic cattle auction at the Astros’ stadium in Houston (which is tomorrow, actually, if you’re in the greater Houston area we could maybe get you on the guest list), and sure, none of us has actually set foot on said farm, but we know more about cattle breeding and animal husbandry than you’d ever want to, trust us.

Have you ever had to explain a .pdf file to a silo painter or saddlemaker? We rest our case.