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Field News:

Just second hand news, yeah

April 15th, 2008 by Bryan Bedell

That headline’s got nothing to do with anything, I just have Fleetwood Mac stuck in my head. Which, let’s be clear, is not a Field Notes endorsement of Fleetwood Mac. Though they’re not the worst or anything. They’ve got a few good songs, and they were probably fun to hang out with back in the day. And there’s always the Olde English pre-California Fleetwood Mac, with rad stuff like this.

Bill Dey with Field NotesAnyways, on to the business of getting notebooks into the hands of consumers! (BTW, you’re looking very lovely today, consumer!) We got our first podcast mention from Bill Deys who podcasts from his car, in the dark. That would be totally illegal here in Chicago, but it’s totally cool if you’re in freedom-loving Canada. Bill takes his eyes off the road to show off his new Field Notes, but there doesn’t seem to be much traffic in Canada, so it’s all good. Thanks, Bill!

We also got a shoutout from Shumyla in Memphis. We love you too, Shumyla, even though you didn’t break any traffic laws to hype the F-N.

Thanks to Bill, Shumyla, and the rest of our friends, we’re hanging tight at a respectable just-under-10% in Lifehacker’s Battle of the Designer Notebooks. We will be perfectly happy to settle for 10% of the global memo book market. We’ve got no clue when the contest ends, or what we win when it’s over. Surely something really cool.