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Armour Fertilizers

April 22nd, 2008 by Bryan Bedell

More Farmers use Armour FertilizersWhen we started this whole mess, Aaron said he’d been collecting farm notebooks for a while, and Jim and I figured he had a dozen or two, never realizing that the guy has “piles and piles” of these things. While he organizes his thoughts and collection, Here’s another of the scans he originally sent us, a three-color, 5.75″x3″ beauty from Armour Fertilizers. Most of these companies put out a new memo book annually, often with similar-but-distinctive covers from year to year, this one’s from 1957. I like the slogan “More Farmers use…” not only because it’s capitalized strangely, but because it implies popularity without any actual comparison. Do more Farmers use ARMOUR than other brands? Or do more Farmers use it than the number of Farmers that used it last year? Or do more Farmers use it than Orthopedic Surgeons? Who knows? But I’m on my way to Sal’s Farm Supply to pick up some Vertagreen, whatever it is.