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Field Notes In Action:

Don’t Wash ‘Em

April 24th, 2008 by Aaron

Field Notes through the wash…

Take Jared’s word for it: You don’t want to wash your Field Notes.

This pile of drying slop was sent up from one Jared Eberhardt of Long Beach, Calif. An “idea man” in his own right, he accidentally left his latest Field Notes memo book in the back pocket of his jeans and threw them into the wash.

So here’s a shot of him “drying out his ideas.” We hope everything works out, man, and thanks for yer support.

Our take on it: Don’t wash yer clothes. “Proper hygiene” is overrated.

(Addendum from Bryan) Andy at Pencil Things had a little bit better luck when he accidentally washed his Field Notes. We’ll do some more testing over the weekend, but for now, we still don’t recommend it.