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May 1st, 2008 by Bryan Bedell

Wearever Pennant fountain Pen with Field Notes

I’ve been looking for an excuse to link to Richard’s Pens ever since we got this blog up and running, and now I have that excuse: they’ve reviewed Field Notes.

Richard Binder has turned his love of vintage fountain pens into a career, repairing and customizing old pens and selling new ones. Richard’s site is a huge fount (sorry) of information about fountain pen care, collecting, and history, written by Richard and (his son-in-law, my college buddy) Don Fluckinger and designed by Don’s wife (Richard’s daughter) Kate (Richard emailed to let us know he designed the site, not Kate). Don managed to get me using an old Wearever fountain pen, and I love it. I already have an obsessive hobby and can’t afford another one, so I haven’t dived into the pen world as deeply as I’d like to, but if you harbor any interest at all in fountain pens, Richard’s site should be your first stop.

Don gave us a great writeup in his “Extra Fine Points” column this week, with a great photo of Richard’s penmanship on our graphed pages. He and Richard agree that our Boise Offset 50#T White paper handles fountain pen ink really well. Amateur Economist/ pen collector Chris Meisenzahl said the same thing last month. We really appreciate the kind words, and encourage all you pen nuts to keep one in your pocket with your Parker Vacumatic and give it a spin.