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Vintage Memo Book Archive:

Scanning, Cropping and Readying

May 12th, 2008 by Aaron

The World's Best FertilizerWe’ve been, as the kids say, “Crazy busy” scanning, cropping and readying selected memo books for our “Vintage Memo Book Gallery” that is on the way. At last count, we were up around 200 examples. Really. That’s a lot.

And, we’re adding new ones to the master archives each Monday morning, once the weekend’s junkin’ routes have been pillaged, sorted and archived.

Special thanks to Field Notes “Sheet Team” member and all-around good guy Eric Lovejoy for having the guts to lovingly scan the whole mess in.

Here’s another beauty from the gallery from the good people at Federal Graduated Fertilizer. Their slogan: “The World’s Best Fertilizer.” We’ll take their word for it.