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Field Notes in Lego Magazine!

June 13th, 2008 by Aaron

We’ve been into Legos as long as the next guy. Good math and good design just don’t go out of style.

Our “Western Massachusetts Regional Distributor” Roger Cameron works for Lego and uses Field Notes exclusively for his day-to-day packaging design process. You’ve seen the new Indiana Jones sets, right? Well, Rhaj is one of the craftsmen behind those beauties. The next time you are at the toy store, be sure to pick up a couple sets, and get in real good and close on the boxes. You’ll see Rhaj’s masterwork up close.

So the new issue of Lego Magazine came out, and when you turn to page 14 you’ll see some Field Notes tucked away in the corner, doing the good work for brick fans the globe over. Lego Magazine designer Scott Decoteau had a hand in this little shoot, and we can’t thank him enough for believing in us.

Can’t even begin to tell you how much this excites us. Wow.

– – – –

And hey, if you shredders reading these words ever need any snowboard wax, look no further than Magical Go-Go. Rhaj is a busy man. Not only is he designing Lego packages, he also runs this little snowboard wax company, and, is raising a beautiful little family. One of the greatest guys ever. Really.

– – – –

JUST IN FROM RHAJ AT LEGO’S HEADQUARTERS IN ENFIELD, CT: “For your information, 7 x 2 grid on a Field Notes page is approximately equal to a LEGO 1 x 4 brick.” Good to know, good to know.