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Battle dress

June 30th, 2008 by Bryan Bedell

Field Notes Air Force

Dan Ward just got his Airman Battle Uniform:

The new Air Force combat uniform pants have a little pocket on the outside of the calf area. I wasn’t quite sure what to put there, and then realized it’s the perfect size for a Field Notes memo book. I carry one around all the time. This isn’t an official federal endorsement, of course, but I think I’m allowed to say… it fits the pocket perfectly. Thanks!

We originally thought the bitmapped camouflage thing would get old fast, but we’re still loving it, and it complements our Dur-O-Tone cover nicely.

Dan, we thank you for the photo and kind words, we thank you for serving the U.S. of A., and we thank you for hopefully steering some big government contracts our way in the future. Bravo Zulu.