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Vintage Memo Book Archive:

Cargill Farm Notebook 1970/71

July 29th, 2008 by Aaron

This one is for Willy\'s friend.

A couple months back I was helping Willy Vlautin out on a little promo poster for his book tour promoting “Northline”. We shot the shit about everything under the sun and on the way out, he saw a pile of old memo books and on top of one of the stacks was this Cargill Farm Notebook from the 1970/71 season.

“I have a friend named Cargill. He’d get a kick out of that!” Willy exclaimed.

So this one is for Willy’s friend. And for Willy. Enjoy, fellas.

– – – –

We GIGANTICALLY recommend reading Willy’s new book, “Northline” and while you are at it, his first book, “The Motel Life” too. All of us out here at Field Notes West are no stranger to longing, sadness and peculiar beauty of the unapologetic “Real West.” Willy’s band Richmond Fontaine has been the soundtrack to countless trips back and forth to that Midwest.

Let’s forget about the mountains, happy hikers and rich people for a bit and dig on the folks who are doing their best to make it in the forgotten cities and towns, miles and miles away from all those bullshit ski resorts and all that. Willy gives ’em a voice in his work and we thank him for using Field Notes.

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Field Notes In Action:

Field Notes in Ghana

July 22nd, 2008 by Bryan Bedell

Field Notes in Action: GhanaJohn Tolva sent us this photo from Ghana.

I love my iPhone, even have a certain affection for my Moleskine, but there is no way I would have pulled out either to take notes of these craftspeople. Their work was direct and unpretentious, and Field Notes fit right in.

See more of John’s photos here, and catch him reading (live from Ghana via iChat) at the Field Tested Books events in Chicago (tonight, 7/22) and NYC (Monday 7/28).

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Retail Additions:

New Retail Location: Canton, Ohio

July 18th, 2008 by Aaron

New Retail Location: \"Canton, Ohio\"

We’re proud to announce a new retail location to our growing roster of “thriving businesses believing in Field Notes.”

We’re talking about Canton, Ohio, which is pretty-much known for its “Home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame,” which, for some amazing reason, has one hell of a logo even today. Love those thick lines, fellas. So the next time you are in Canton, and once you’ve checked out all the city has to offer, make sure you stop at Muggswigz to get a cup of delicious, energy-giving coffee and then stock up on some Field Notes for the next leg of your journey. Thank you, Canton.

We’ll be in soon to service the account and get some handshake. Much appreciated.

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Field Notes In Action · Fun 'n' Games:

Field Notes Grand Prix

July 16th, 2008 by Bryan Bedell

Rossi vs. Hayden, FIELD NOTES GP, Laguna Seca

It’s obvious that FIELD NOTES are every bit as useful as a laptop computer or iPhone* at a fraction of the price, but did you know that we’ve bundled several great games into the package at no extra charge?

The first of these games is an action-packed racing simulator called “FIELD NOTES GRAND PRIX.” FNGP allows you to engage your favorite racers on any track you can dream up. For our example (above) we see a rematch of the epic 2006 MotoGP battle between Valentino “The Doctor” Rossi (red) and Nicky “The Kentucky Kid” Hayden (orange) at Laguna Seca. Rossi started out with an insane lead, but Nicky’s closing in on him with some intelligent cornering, this one’s going all the way to the podium.

The rules are simple but hard to explain, and many variables can be thrown in for variety. Graph Racers describes it well, and lists dozens of alternate rules, and Wikipedia’s entry for Racetrack (game) adds a little more detail on the math involved, be careful, you might learn something.

* International prepaid calling card sold separately.

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Field Notes Public Service Announcement:

Field Notes Public Service Announcement No.01

July 9th, 2008 by Aaron

\"Paper and Staples.\"

Here’s the first of what we’d hope many “thought-provoking and inspiring” Public Service Announcements from Field Notes. From time to time we’ll be checking in to remind our customers about what makes us tick, from our core. Today we’re reminding everyone to “keep things simple.” Our world is made up of paper and staples, and more often than not, that’s all we need to keep everything above water and sailing along.

Thank you for believing in Field Notes. Stay tuned for “exciting developments in simple materials.”

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Idea File:

Hipster PDA?

July 8th, 2008 by Bryan Bedell

The Shipshewana, IN, flea market is awash in unlicensed \"Git-R-Done\" merchandise.The phrase “Hipster PDA” has come up a few times now to describe FIELD NOTES, and we like that description, but it’s worth noting that the phrase was apparently coined by 43 Folders to describe a method for “Getting Things Done” involving 3″ x 5″ notecards. A later post at PigPog outlines a similar “GTD” method using a memo book, so let us humbly suggest that FIELD NOTES are perfectly suited for this purpose, and perhaps their smaller, more manageable size will help you limit your tasks to a reasonable level, and their subtle grid will help keep your margins and writing nicely aligned.

If you take pride in your disorganized stream-of-conscious scribblings, fear not, FIELD NOTES will work just fine for you, too!

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Field News:

Everything’s Coming Up FIELD NOTES

July 7th, 2008 by Bryan Bedell

A couple more positive reviews:

Chris Bowler at

Think of these as a replacement for a Hipster PDA

and Robin at LitCentral uses FIELD NOTES to suggest a method for novelists and screenwriters to develop characters for fiction and films, and goes on to say:

Field Notes are a very durable notebook made for anyone who needs something handy and accessible to capture the abundant overflow of their brain droppings.

Thanks, Chris, Robin, and all the other folks who’ve given FIELD NOTES a try and took the time to write up an honest opinion. We’re thrilled to see how positive the feedback’s been. You can read loads more reviews via the links to your left (our right–we’re inside your monitor).

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Special Offers:

Independence Day Special Offer

July 3rd, 2008 by Bryan Bedell

While you’re lighting your Frost Bites and Flaming Cobras this weekend, thank the Chinese for never running out of creative ways to blow things up.

Wait, no, we’re supposed to be thanking America. Spread the love of FIELD NOTES, which just so happen to be made here in America, with our special offer: Drop four 3-packs of FIELD NOTES in the ol’ shopping cart, with coupon code FIRECRACKER and we’ll only charge you for three 3-packs. Offer valid through Sunday, July 6, 2008.

In the immortal words of Camper Van Beethoven:

Just be glad you live in America,
Just relax and be yourself.
‘Cause if you didn’t live here in America,
You’d probably live somewhere else.

(Shout out to Shelton Fireworks, where we would have totally bought hundreds of dollars worth of fireworks last Sunday afternoon, if they weren’t totally illegal in Illinois.)

Note: FIELD NOTES are not red/white/blue, we did that with computers.

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Field Notes In Action:

Field Notes in Good Magazine, kind of.

July 2nd, 2008 by Aaron

\"Right there, in the middle! Page 16. Look close.\"

A very well-traveled and eagle-eyed Mark Kohlman of Minneapolis, Minn., brought a little tidbit to our attention yesterday. It turns out we (kind of) made the pages of the amazing Good Magazine! The July/August issue that’s on the stands right now.

On Page 16 in the contributors section, up in the upper left corner, there’s a grainy shot of a bulletin board, and smack dab in the middle of that sucker is a Field Notes memo book. Check it out, right here.

Once the day was done and all the orders were shipped out, we raced up to the magazine rack to grab a copy, frantically flipping through the pages to get to our little moment.

And there it was. Tiny as hell, but nevertheless, right there for all to see. Much pride was felt.

We love Good Magazine, and are very proud to be in it, no matter how infinitesimal the showing.

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