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Independence Day Special Offer

July 3rd, 2008 by Bryan Bedell

While you’re lighting your Frost Bites and Flaming Cobras this weekend, thank the Chinese for never running out of creative ways to blow things up.

Wait, no, we’re supposed to be thanking America. Spread the love of FIELD NOTES, which just so happen to be made here in America, with our special offer: Drop four 3-packs of FIELD NOTES in the ol’ shopping cart, with coupon code FIRECRACKER and we’ll only charge you for three 3-packs. Offer valid through Sunday, July 6, 2008.

In the immortal words of Camper Van Beethoven:

Just be glad you live in America,
Just relax and be yourself.
‘Cause if you didn’t live here in America,
You’d probably live somewhere else.

(Shout out to Shelton Fireworks, where we would have totally bought hundreds of dollars worth of fireworks last Sunday afternoon, if they weren’t totally illegal in Illinois.)

Note: FIELD NOTES are not red/white/blue, we did that with computers.