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Field Notes Grand Prix

July 16th, 2008 by Bryan Bedell

Rossi vs. Hayden, FIELD NOTES GP, Laguna Seca

It’s obvious that FIELD NOTES are every bit as useful as a laptop computer or iPhone* at a fraction of the price, but did you know that we’ve bundled several great games into the package at no extra charge?

The first of these games is an action-packed racing simulator called “FIELD NOTES GRAND PRIX.” FNGP allows you to engage your favorite racers on any track you can dream up. For our example (above) we see a rematch of the epic 2006 MotoGP battle between Valentino “The Doctor” Rossi (red) and Nicky “The Kentucky Kid” Hayden (orange) at Laguna Seca. Rossi started out with an insane lead, but Nicky’s closing in on him with some intelligent cornering, this one’s going all the way to the podium.

The rules are simple but hard to explain, and many variables can be thrown in for variety. Graph Racers describes it well, and lists dozens of alternate rules, and Wikipedia’s entry for Racetrack (game) adds a little more detail on the math involved, be careful, you might learn something.

* International prepaid calling card sold separately.