Field Notes

Retail Additions:

Two New Retail Locations: Toronto, Ontario and Toronto, Ontario

July 25th, 2008 by Aaron


We’ve a got a couple new Retail Locations to announce today.

Come with us, as we go international. Our destination for the day: Toronto, Canada!

After some time we get to the border. The line to get in is long and we wait patiently for our entry. We’ve got our papers and passports ready. Of course, we get heckled by overeager customs fuzz, and then after much scrutiny, barely cross over to the Great North and over to “Hogtown,” also known as, “Toronto, Canada.”

Our first stop is at a shop called Handwritings. Right next to the striking Exchange Tower, which is home to the Canadian stock exchange. We’d like to think all those movers and shakers on the trading floor are using Field Notes to keep Canada on the right track. And hey, Husky Energy is traded there, and, man, we love that logo.

For our second stop, we go directly inside the Exchange Tower! The good Canadians of Sleuth and Statesmen are carrying us too. Get a load of that joint. Just to think about Field Notes bumping elbows with ornate, smokey cigar boxes fires us way up.

Thank you, Toronto. Keep Canada strong!