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Cargill Farm Notebook 1970/71

July 29th, 2008 by Aaron

This one is for Willy\'s friend.

A couple months back I was helping Willy Vlautin out on a little promo poster for his book tour promoting “Northline”. We shot the shit about everything under the sun and on the way out, he saw a pile of old memo books and on top of one of the stacks was this Cargill Farm Notebook from the 1970/71 season.

“I have a friend named Cargill. He’d get a kick out of that!” Willy exclaimed.

So this one is for Willy’s friend. And for Willy. Enjoy, fellas.

– – – –

We GIGANTICALLY recommend reading Willy’s new book, “Northline” and while you are at it, his first book, “The Motel Life” too. All of us out here at Field Notes West are no stranger to longing, sadness and peculiar beauty of the unapologetic “Real West.” Willy’s band Richmond Fontaine has been the soundtrack to countless trips back and forth to that Midwest.

Let’s forget about the mountains, happy hikers and rich people for a bit and dig on the folks who are doing their best to make it in the forgotten cities and towns, miles and miles away from all those bullshit ski resorts and all that. Willy gives ’em a voice in his work and we thank him for using Field Notes.