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Proposals, Bathrooms, Hotel Lobbies

August 12th, 2008 by Bryan Bedell

Three reports from the field:
Joe from Kent, OH, writes…

Since I got them, I take my Field Notes with me everywhere. This photo was taken by my fiance, whom I had just proposed to at the Parc du Mont-Royal overlooking Montreal. It was a beautiful setting, and an occasion worth marking in my notebook. Thanks for a great product!

Next, Jay Hathaway from Philly had to use the facilities…

The setting: the men’s room at Union Station, Portland, OR. One stall available. The lock doesn’t seem to be working, though! What to do? Good thing you guys sent a pencil along with that order of Field Notes. It solved the problem brilliantly.

Finally, Luz from Arizona posted a story and photo on flickr about being stuck in a hotel lobby during a false fire alarm…

…so Todd tells us about a game called Racetrack that is played on graph paper.

“I just happen to have some graph paper!” I said, excitedly, as I whipped out my Field Notes.

“No way!” Todd laughed. “I discovered this game while looking at the Field Notes website!”

“Perfect,” I replied, happy to see my Field Notes save the day again.

Glad to be of assistance to all of you. We’ve got more game posts in the works, but we’d love to hear from you if you have a favorite graph paper game or activity! (crewATfieldnotesbrandDOTcom) if we post your suggestion, we’ll send you some goodies.