Field Notes

Field Notes Public Service Announcement:

Field Notes Public Service Announcement No.02

August 29th, 2008 by Aaron


It’s Friday and we’re feeling good, and we wanted to remind you to “Do it on Graph Paper!”

Organize your life. Make a plan. Sketch up an addition to your household. Draft a contract. Make a list of records you are looking for. Write some poetry. Draw a friend. Make a grocery list. Practice your penmanship. Pretend you are in prison, and hatch an escape plan, complete with cool underground maps, tunnels schematics and “what you’ll do with your new life on the outside” hopes. Make a list of ailments. Measure something, and jot down the dimensions. Make a crop prediction for the autumn harvest. Rip a page out, write out a little message for someone in a far away land, put it in a bottle, chuck it out into an ocean, Great Lake or dangerous river and hope it doesn’t end up down the way, underneath some rich guy’s dock or something.

There’s a lot you can do on graph paper. Get to work!