Field Notes

Retail Additions:

The Land of the Midnight Sun

October 8th, 2008 by Aaron


This retail location opening is a special one for me. See, I spent four dastardly summers in Anchorage in the late ’90s working the dishpits and stovetops of a sightseeing train. You know, golden oldies “seeing the Alaska interior” all the way up to Fairbanks and back. That was the deal.

On my days off, I’d race around town on my bike hitting up the record store, scavenging the thrift stores and stocking up on art supplies for the next “run” up to Fairbanks. I had an orbit for my days off.

Anchorage has everything the rest of the world has, only in smaller doses. It was a little more of a hunt to find whatever sweaty little item I was trying to track down, and I miss those subtle rewards.

I’m proud as hell the good Alaskans of the Dos Manos Gallery believe in Field Notes enough to carry them in their shop. Thank you.

With Field Notes on the scene up there, we’re hoping they “do the job right” for all those hard-asses up there who make the “Land of the Midnight Sun” their home.