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Liquor Store NYC

October 21st, 2008 by Bryan Bedell

Field Notes at J. Crew\'s Liquor Store Tribeca Men\'s Shop

We can’t think of a better place to purchase/use FIELD NOTES than a liquor store, and J. Crew has made our dream a reality. Their LIQUOR STORE Tribeca Men’s Shop is located in a historic former liquor store and tavern at 235 West Broadway, NYC. The old neon sign, bar, and fixtures) remain intact, a perfect backdrop for J. Crew’s finest menswear and accessories, along with vintage LPs, knickknacks, and FIELD NOTES. Be sure to check out the photos, it’s an amazing space.

Welcome to the team, LIQUOR STORE, we’re glad you found a place for our humble notebooks in your handsomely tasteful establishment.