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November 14th, 2008 by Bryan Bedell

Hey, gang, we’ve been reminding you for weeks that FIELD NOTES make great gifts, and Positive Space agrees, naming us to their list of “30 Holiday Gift Ideas for Creatives or Geeks.”

Our new FIELD NOTES KIT is a hit! Thanks mucho for the writeups Hipsterist, Selectism, Much Ado about Everything, and Mr. Weatherbee!

Mike Krieger is the latest fellow to accidentally run his FIELD NOTES through the washing machine. We don’t recommend that, but we’re as surprised as anyone by their resiliency to agitated soapy water. And at least Mike got a great background photo out of it.

Our old friend P.J. Chmiel points out that his photo of his nightstand at the Skyline Motel might be the very first appearance of FIELD NOTES on Flickr. (Is that the rare Mark I model? We need to write up an Anorak FIELD NOTES Spotters’ Guide one of these days). PJ’s Photo is certainly not the last, see many more in the FIELD NOTES IN ACTION Flickr pool.

Best for last: the mighty John Hodgman poses with FIELD NOTES after recording the latest episode of “Emotional-Hygene” audio journal You Look Nice Today. Hodgman very expertly raises the bar on all “celebrity-cornered-into-posing-with-a-most-likely-unfamiliar-product” photos, and we thank him (and YLNT) profusely.