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Weekly Hollywood FIELD NOTES planner

November 20th, 2008 by Bryan Bedell


Requests for a variety of FIELD NOTES shapes, sizes, and contents have been flowing in for months now. A handful of people have suggested FIELD NOTES day planners, and we just might roll that out for 2010, but Britt Leach of Veritas: Any Day Now has appointments to organize NOW, so he armed himself with a handsome old-school pica gauge (any straight edge will work) and and took matters in his own hands:

Britt Leach makes a FIELD NOTES planner

Yes, friends, with just a few simple tools you too can make a sweet little weekly planner out of a FIELD NOTES Memo Book.

You are correct in your assumption that a year has 52 weeks and your sweet little FIELD NOTES has only 48 pages. But that won’t mean a thing unless you are anal and insist on starting your FIELD NOTES Weekly Planner on the First of January. So start your next Planner in November! Today! And lighten up a bit. (I did.) One hour or so and a modest Merlot and a had made myself a neat little planner. Cheers!

Britt Leach\'s FIELD NOTES planner