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“Guide to All Brothers” UPDATE!

January 9th, 2009 by Bryan Bedell

Not entirely Field-Notes related, but we couldn’t leave you hanging re: the Thatcher Kids Book War, could we? Well, Joel took the high road, instead of the obvious rebuttal (“Why Sisters Smell”?) that we were all expecting, he decided to just beat her on the creative front. The result? The Book of Steve, drawn entirely during church one Sunday morning. Zoe’s creative return-volley (did I just say “volley?” I think I did, maybe we can get these guys on Jr. Layer Tennis?) came quickly and in full color, Mrs. Bob’s Class is more “broadsheet” than “book,” and, honestly, a bit derivative of “The Book of Steve,” but well-done, so let’s just call the whole thing even, awright? Thanks for keeping us up to date, Geoff (dad)!