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January 12th, 2009 by Bryan Bedell

Calendar Anne Holub (of Gapers Block “Transmission” and Field Tested Books fame, among other likely-greater things, but that’s how we met her) found a home for her FIELD NOTES calendar next to a creepy mask from Chicago’s Chinatown.

And MacBuddha has a whole gallery of FIELD NOTES photos including great shots of October and every month since, which would make great tech-ironic iPhone backgrounds, but which are still no substitute for the real thing.

Which reminds us to remind you to pick up a handsome FIELD NOTES 18-month calendar, because January is a fine month to purchase a calendar. Though you could put it off for a couple months and still have a full year of calendar action left (it runs through March, 2010), you might as well pick it up now to maximize your month-age. Plus, we might not have any left by then. We’re just sayin’.