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Hip to be Square

February 24th, 2009 by Bryan Bedell

Sorry about that headline, but it couldn’t be more appropriate: FIELD NOTES user Alan Houser writes:

I thought I would send you my literal version of a Field Notes Hack.

Carrying my Field Notes in my back pocket soon wraps to the curvature of my buttocks. While it’s good to know that my backside is so well-defined, I’ve tried carrying it in my front pocket.

I’ve sometimes found it uncomfortable to carry my Field Notes in my front pocket, as it was a bit uncomfortable when sitting down.

Armed with an old-school paper-cutter, I leaned my whole body into the thing and chopped-off the lower-third of my book. I now have a smart square book that fits handsomely in a gentleman’s front trouser pocket. (I went all ‘Sears Cataloggy’ in that sentence)

And that little 1/3 of a book? I think I’ll use the leavings in my Barbie Dream Home. Metro-sexual Ken will look right-spiffy with his own Field Notes Brand Book!

If you’re truly committed to resizing your FIELD NOTES, you might want to try this baby set to 3/8″, but we admire your pluck. We also wonder what it is about Indianapolis, we send a lot of FIELD NOTES there. We’re thinking it might have something to do with Kurt Vonnegut.