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Field News:

A Man’s Office Drawer Essentials

March 26th, 2009 by Bryan Bedell

Gear Patrol, who knows such things, reports on A Man’s Office Drawer Essentials. We’d say they’re more useful in your hand than in your drawer, but it’s a good place to keep the other two while you’re filling up the first. We’d also like to point out that FIELD NOTES would be right at home in a lady’s drawers. (Um, that didn’t come out right.)

Our office drawer isn’t nearly that clean, and it’s mostly full of pencils, Sharpies, FireWire cables, and business cards, plus cough syrup, a pebble from the Guinness brewery, and an NGK B6HS sparkplug. Is that a floppy disk? I’ve gotta clean this thing out, excuse me…