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Operation: Ixil Triangle

April 14th, 2009 by Bryan Bedell

We talk big here at FIELD NOTES HQ, pretending we’re adventurers transcribing secret Enigma code, and not just doughy nerds writing down our sub sandwich orders. We know our product is tougher than we are, we’ve just been waiting for someone to prove it. Well, friends, NOTES don’t get any more “FIELD” than this:

In January, John Pull led an group of construction workers on a field project among native Mayans in Guatemala’s Ixil Triangle. He’s the gringo between the two guys with Israeli assault rifles. And I don’t think that kid got his Che t-shirt at Hot Topic.

But John wasn’t down there inciting revolution, he was working with Helps International, and his team saw more than 1000 patients. They also installed stoves and water filtration systems in 50 homes and one school. John handed out our memo books to the team leaders, so we’re very happy to see FIELD NOTES playing a part in this brave and successful mission. Thanks for the photos, John, and keep up the GOOD WORK.