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Warren Ellis’ Field Notes

April 28th, 2009 by Bryan Bedell

Another big-time writer/futurist wows us with some very kind words: English graphic novelist Warren Ellis gave us a shout-out on his blog yesterday, resulting in a rush on FIELD NOTES at The Paperie. Ellis’ wide variety of work features superheroes (Nextwave, Thor, Fantastic Four, and Iron Man), futurism (Transmetropolitan), and alternate universes (Planetary), to list only a handful of his many titles. Ellis has also written a novel Crooked Little Vein, and has written for television, magazines, and the web (including a regular column at Among his comments;

Aside from it being just a really nice object to handle and use, a Field Notes notebook feels like an apt thing to have in my hand this year. Futura type and postwar olive.

Thanks! We suspect Ellis learned about FIELD NOTES from William Gibson, who blogged about us a little while back, and we couldn’t help noticing Bruce Sterling’s comment on Ellis’ post. It is now our stated mission to outfit the world’s most-loved futurists with our decidedly back-dated FIELD NOTES. Get in touch, Rudy Rucker! Alvin Toffler, are you listening?