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FIELD TRIP: Manhattan

May 28th, 2009 by Michele Seiler

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FIELD NOTES at TekserveLast week I headed off to New York City to check out the National Stationery Show. The show is huge and takes two days to really walk the whole thing, which of course, led to terribly mangled feet. But what’s a little pain in the search for knowledge, right?

Since I was in town, I took some time and set off on a tour to meet some of our FIELD NOTES retailers and get some shots of our products in the wild, on store shelves. (You can follow along on the map above)

First stop was TekServe, a very, very busy Mac repair and reseller shop in Midtown. The place was packed but I had no problem spotting the notebooks (above). I chatted with some of the really great people who work there and then was off to my next stop, the J. Crew Liquor Store in Tribeca.

FIELD NOTES at J. Crew Tribeca Liquor Store

This shop is located in an 184-year-old townhouse that for many years featured a tavern on the ground floor called “The Liquor Store.” The space is really cool, and here are our Field Notes on display (above). The folks there could not have been nicer. Cheers!

FIELD NOTES at Save Khaki

I then headed over to NoHo to see Save Khaki and The Smile. Save Khaki is this fabulous mens shop with a focus on great looking, very wearable clothing. Really nice clothing. I took a picture of the notebooks in action (above) and despite my mangled feet, I hobbled down two blocks to meet the folks at The Smile.


It’s a sweet combination of store and cafe that has a relaxed, laid back vibe in a very hip, well designed space. I spotted the FIELD NOTES (above) and chatted with the owners and staff and then hopped in a cab to see one of our very first retailers, Turntable Lab in the East Village.

The Lab features two locations right next to each other, one side is a record/DJ equipment shop and next door they sell all kinds of cool books, magazines and yes, our memo books. Good thing I stopped in as they were out of stock and I had a re-order within a half an hour.

I had big plans to get out to Brooklyn to see some of our retailers there but my dogs were tired and needed a rest. They are on my list for the next time I’m in NYC. Thanks again to everyone I met, a friendlier bunch of folks you’ll never meet.

NYC isn’t our only retail hotbed, check out our ever-growing list of retail friends around the world. If you know of a shop that could use some FIELD NOTES love, drop Michele a line at “wholesaleATfieldnotesbrandDOTcom”.