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Feldnotizbücher* in Deutschland

July 17th, 2009 by Bryan Bedell

FIELD NOTES desk organizer
Feldnotizbücherhack alert! Christian at got his order of FIELD NOTES about a month ago and wrote all about our “coolness-faktor.” A week or so later, he was inspired to use one of his memo books and an “FN-09 Band of Rubber” to create a handy note organizer (or as we call them around the office, a “Notizenhalter”). Meta! DIY! We love that kind of thinking. The instructions are all in his post “Ein Fächer aus der Fächerstadt.” Thanks, Christian!

(*I don’t speak any German, I pretty much made up the word “Feldnotizbücher,” typed it into Google images, and saw a picture of Charles Darwin and figured I was on the right track.)