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Thanks and more thanks

August 24th, 2009 by Bryan Bedell

JCM5399's Les Paul diagram

We’ve got lots of internet love coming our way lately. The “FIELD NOTES in Action” Flickr group has been busy, including great photos from jcm5399, who used FIELD NOTES to draw a schematic (above) of his Les Paul (RIP), and Radioboy who created an ad-hoc FIELD NOTES puppet theater. Also on Flickr, Owash has included our notebooks in his cigar-box travel kit.

Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist Bryan Monroe appeared on CNN with Anderson Cooper and Soledad O’Brien at the Michael Jackson memorial service, with FIELD NOTES in hand.

Nathalie Atkinson of the National Post included us in her great roundup of “Back to School” products for adults.

Designer Susan Connor collected some Girl Scout-esque tools for urban explorers, and we don’t have to tell you her notebook of choice.

Patrick Pittman explores “eight months and six continents worth of” FIELD NOTES, trying to remember why he wanted a replica 1954 World Cup referee shirt or why he would have noted 90s rapper DMX.

And finally, summing up our product with great eloquence, Blaine Hogan calls FIELD NOTES his idea capturing machine.”

Thanks, everyone, we truly appreciate the support! A few “GRASS STAIN GREEN” notebooks are still available through our FIELD NOTES COLORS subscriptions: get our limited-edition COLORS notebooks (and other goodies) four times a year before they sell out! Plus, we’ve got plenty of graphed, ruled, and plain notebooks in our online shop and at retailers worldwide!

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Field Notes In Action:

Curb Your Graph Paper

August 12th, 2009 by Aaron


© Leigh McKolay photo.

Every summer the stars descend upon Traverse City, Mich. for the annual Traverse City Film Festival. Brought to you by none other than the Michael Moore; hero, patriot and film lover. And, doing all his goodness out of little ol’ Traverse City.

Field Notes’ “Lady in the Lakes*” Leigh McKolay was on hand for the festival, from her perch high atop the Park Place Hotel’s Beacon Lounge, watching all the film festival action unfold.

Late one night she met Jeff Garlin and shot the shit some, and gave him a couple Field Notes. The next night, she walked up on the scene you see above: “Jeff Garlin working things out in his Field Notes.”

“I love these things!” is what he had to say in his signature, throaty voice.

We’re glad you do, Jeff. Please pass some on to Larry David and Seinfeld and all the rest of yer bigtimer buddies. Good for writing down jokes and other hilarious, uncomfortable scenarios. Thank you, Mr. Garlin.

*Covering Northern Michigan’s eastern shore of Lake Michigan.

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Field Trip · Retail Additions:

FIELD TRIP: Brooklyn

August 11th, 2009 by Michele Seiler

View Michele’s Brooklyn Ramble in a larger map

So a few weeks back, I was in NYC for the fab Capsule Show. FIELD NOTES had a booth there and we met a ton of really cool people and are now carried in a bunch of new stores. So long as I was there I decided to take a trip over the Brooklyn to visit some of our retailers as a follow up to a trip I made in May to stores that carry Field Notes in Manhattan.
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Field Trip:

FIELD TRIP: French Paper Co., Niles, MI

August 6th, 2009 by Bryan Bedell


A FIELD NOTES memo book just isn’t the same without its Dur-O-Tone “Packing Brown Wrap” 80-pound cover, from French Paper Co. To date, all our FIELD NOTES, including the special editions, have featured French Paper covers.

French Paper, located on the St. Joseph River in Niles, Michigan, is a tiny mill by industry standards, but a big name in most designers’ hearts. French’s whole aesthetic (largely based on their long-standing relationship with CSA Design) and their always-up-to-date variety of papers and colors has made them very popular, and their environmental policies have brought them even more attention lately.

With a few generations of paper mill workers on my father’s side, and a designers’ lust for quality paper, I’d been hoping to visit French for years, and last week, while vacationing ten miles away with my in-laws, I decided to give them a call. I was immediately transferred to Brian French, who welcomed me to stop by the next day.
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Retail Additions:

Welcome to a bunch of new retailers

August 3rd, 2009 by Michele Seiler

July was a great month for FIELD NOTES in that we added a whole mess of new stores. So a big welcome to the Field Notes retail family goes out to Ron Herman in LA, Casa De Soul here in Chicago, Chirps and Cheers in Edmond OK, Lizard Lounge in Portland OR, and TrickGo in Philly. We also branched out a bit more around the globe and you can now find FIELD NOTES at RHD in Adelaide, South Australia, Denim Addikt in Brussels, Goods in Copenhagen, Tokishirazu in Tokyo, Collen and Clare in Suffolk, Great Britain, and the soon to be opened Wrong Weather in Porto, Portugal. We are so pleased to have them join our ever growing list of retailers. Know of a store in your hometown that you think should carry FIELD NOTES? Drop me a note at wholesale at field notes brand dot com. If your suggested store ends up carrying FIELD NOTES, we’ll send you a nice surprise!

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