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Thanks and more thanks

August 24th, 2009 by Bryan Bedell

JCM5399's Les Paul diagram

We’ve got lots of internet love coming our way lately. The “FIELD NOTES in Action” Flickr group has been busy, including great photos from jcm5399, who used FIELD NOTES to draw a schematic (above) of his Les Paul (RIP), and Radioboy who created an ad-hoc FIELD NOTES puppet theater. Also on Flickr, Owash has included our notebooks in his cigar-box travel kit.

Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist Bryan Monroe appeared on CNN with Anderson Cooper and Soledad O’Brien at the Michael Jackson memorial service, with FIELD NOTES in hand.

Nathalie Atkinson of the National Post included us in her great roundup of “Back to School” products for adults.

Designer Susan Connor collected some Girl Scout-esque tools for urban explorers, and we don’t have to tell you her notebook of choice.

Patrick Pittman explores “eight months and six continents worth of” FIELD NOTES, trying to remember why he wanted a replica 1954 World Cup referee shirt or why he would have noted 90s rapper DMX.

And finally, summing up our product with great eloquence, Blaine Hogan calls FIELD NOTES his idea capturing machine.”

Thanks, everyone, we truly appreciate the support! A few “GRASS STAIN GREEN” notebooks are still available through our FIELD NOTES COLORS subscriptions: get our limited-edition COLORS notebooks (and other goodies) four times a year before they sell out! Plus, we’ve got plenty of graphed, ruled, and plain notebooks in our online shop and at retailers worldwide!