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Luddites and Leaves

September 29th, 2009 by Bryan Bedell


Writer Tyler C Hellard used FIELD NOTES to chronicle two days without modern technology for Calgary’s Avenue magazine. Avenue sent more FIELD NOTES to illustrator Kelly Sutherland, who used them for a series of illustrations for Hellard’s story “The 48-Hour Luddite.” There’s a taste at Hellard’s blog Pop Loser, hopefully we can share the entire story when the magazine comes out next week.

A pack of new “Mackinaw Autumn” FIELD NOTES also inspired Sandro Rucci to briefly ignore his gadgets and write a lovely post about his new “Mackinaw Autumn” FIELD NOTES. Thanks!

And if you’re sensing a “back to nature” theme here, you’re right. Patrick Ng, from Hong Kong FN retailer City Super, came across a perfect complement to “Mackinaw Autumn” FIELD NOTES on a trip to Korea: the “Leaf It” kit, a series of leaf-shaped Post-It-type notes.

Here in our beloved midwestern U.S., the temperature is dropping, the winds are brisk, and real leaves are starting to change color and fall, providing us with an endless supply of colorful bookmarks. It’s our favorite time of year but it’s always too brief in Chicago, where it’ll start snowing in a week or two. Of course, we’ll have limited-edition FIELD NOTES COLORS ready for winter, too, don’t miss out, subscribe now!

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FIELD NOTES pencils back in stock

September 28th, 2009 by Bryan Bedell

FIELD NOTES No. 2 Woodgrain Pencil Six-Packs are back in stock! Order now!

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NEW: COLORS subscriptions bonus!

September 21st, 2009 by Bryan Bedell


Our FIELD NOTES COLORS subscriptions just got better: Subscribe now and get two EXTRA standard 3-Packs (one graph paper, one mixed). That’s TEN 3-Packs (30 notebooks!) over the course of the year instead of eight (Plus our usual extra goodies).

New subscribers will get their 3-Packs with their first shipment (“Mackinaw Autumn”)

If you’re a current subscriber, don’t fret! You’ll get two extra 3-Packs too. But since we’ve already packed up your “Mackinaw Autumn” shipment, we’ll send the extras with your Winter 2010 shipment (coming in November)

The first four installments of COLORS individual 3-Packs have sold out in 24 hours, so guarantee you get your COLORS with a subscription, and get two extra 3-Packs. Subscribe now!

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Idea File:


September 18th, 2009 by Bryan Bedell


We’ve seen a few exceptional FIELD NOTES hacks lately, including a desk organizer and an ax sheath, but Terry Tolleson’s FIELD NOTES WALLET is definitely among the FIELD NOTES hackery elite. We’ll let Terry describe it:

Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out how to streamline my pockets. I love FIELD NOTES memo books, but having both back pockets loaded can be a real bummer. So, the natural course of action was to get back down to utilizing just the one. Cramming both a mini sketchbook and a wallet into the same pocket doesn’t really aid in my dilemma, however.

Enter my first real hack of a FIELD NOTES memo book (or any book, for that matter): The FIELD NOTES WALLET.

This one is the plain book with the inside front cover having a pocket to hold my license. The credit card pocket is on the outside of the main money pouch. The credit cart pocket can hold about 5-6 cards, and on the opposite side is a secured 5 yen coin. And a well placed Item No. FN-09 General Purpose Band of Rubber keeps it all locked down and comfy.

This way, I always have a sketchbook on hand to take down info or just doodle inside my wallet while waiting for change from the barista.

I used black photographer’s tape to put it all together.

Awesome, Terry, thanks! Keep those hacks coming, everyone, we love to see what you’re doing with FIELD NOTES.

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Field Notes In Action:

To the Rescue

September 16th, 2009 by Bryan Bedell


At FIELD NOTES’ Portland bureau, we have Gary the Dachshund, of course, but here in Chicago we don’t have an official studio dog. Were we to select one, it would likely be a greyhound, since Steve has one (Briscoe) and we like the cut of his jib (Briscoe’s, not Steve’s). So we were plenty pleased to hear from Mark Menditto, who’s been using Field Notes in his work with the New Jersey Greyhound Adoption Program (NJGAP). Mark’s a professional photographer who volunteers with the rescue group, and he’s been helping to tell their story through documenting a specific dog, Bella, from her arrival off the track, to foster care, and all the way to those first few days of adoption. “I use Field Notes to brainstorm my shots in pre-production and scrapbook them after to make sure I’ve covered everything,” Mark says. The project, which has taken different forms in prints and video, has not only helped generate awareness for the organization, but also landed Mark a place in this year’s “Best of 2009” issue of the American Society of Media Photographers Bulletin. Many thanks to Mark for his e-mail and his dedication. If you’d like to adopt a greyhound or give a donation, we recommend visiting this site to locate your nearest rescue organization.

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Retail Additions:

Welcome to our newest retailers…
a whole lot of them

September 14th, 2009 by Michele Seiler

Thanks for the photo, Bean!

Photo courtesy of Beanbag Amerika, Thanks, Bean!

We’ve been super busy adding new retailers in the past month or so, so busy that this welcome is going to be a big one! So, here we go, say hello to the nice folks at Igloo in San Diego, Service Menswear in Austin, Traders Pop in The Netherlands, Analogue Books in Edinburgh, New High (M)art in LA, Glazer’s Camera in Seattle, and opening the end of September, The Paper Deli in Madison, Wisconsin. Moving along, yep, there’s more! Welcome to Criminal Records in Atlanta, Papeterie Nota Bene in Montreal, Haus Interior in NYC, old-school Ernie’s Hardware and General Mercantile in Sour Lake, Texas, Shft in Copenhagen, Pomeranza in Berlin, Enid in Fredericksburg, Texas, and just added in the last 24 hours, Blackbird Corner in Cooks Hill Australia. Thanks to all the great folks that are now a part of the Field Notes retail family!

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Field Notes In Action:


September 10th, 2009 by Bryan Bedell

FIELD NOTES at the Bible Society of Maine

FIELD NOTES can be found in the gift shops of several prestigious libraries and museums, but we’re excited about our first appearance on the other side of the velvet rope. Abraham A. Schechter sent photos from the Bible Society of Maine’s Bicentennial exhibit at the Portland Public Library. Can you spot the FIELD NOTES? (Here’s some help!)

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Colors · Products:

“Grass Stain Green” subscriptions SOLD OUT

September 1st, 2009 by Bryan Bedell

FIELD NOTES COLORS subscriptions starting with “Grass Stain Green” are sold out. Limited Edition COLORS notebooks are released quarterly. 3-packs usually sell out in presale on our mailing list, the rest go to subscribers. Either way, Fall COLORS are coming soon (mid-September!), so be sure to join the mailing list. (Top left column… see it? good!)

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