Field Notes

Field Notes In Action:

To the Rescue

September 16th, 2009 by Bryan Bedell


At FIELD NOTES’ Portland bureau, we have Gary the Dachshund, of course, but here in Chicago we don’t have an official studio dog. Were we to select one, it would likely be a greyhound, since Steve has one (Briscoe) and we like the cut of his jib (Briscoe’s, not Steve’s). So we were plenty pleased to hear from Mark Menditto, who’s been using Field Notes in his work with the New Jersey Greyhound Adoption Program (NJGAP). Mark’s a professional photographer who volunteers with the rescue group, and he’s been helping to tell their story through documenting a specific dog, Bella, from her arrival off the track, to foster care, and all the way to those first few days of adoption. “I use Field Notes to brainstorm my shots in pre-production and scrapbook them after to make sure I’ve covered everything,” Mark says. The project, which has taken different forms in prints and video, has not only helped generate awareness for the organization, but also landed Mark a place in this year’s “Best of 2009” issue of the American Society of Media Photographers Bulletin. Many thanks to Mark for his e-mail and his dedication. If you’d like to adopt a greyhound or give a donation, we recommend visiting this site to locate your nearest rescue organization.