Field Notes


NEW: COLORS subscriptions bonus!

September 21st, 2009 by Bryan Bedell


Our FIELD NOTES COLORS subscriptions just got better: Subscribe now and get two EXTRA standard 3-Packs (one graph paper, one mixed). That’s TEN 3-Packs (30 notebooks!) over the course of the year instead of eight (Plus our usual extra goodies).

New subscribers will get their 3-Packs with their first shipment (“Mackinaw Autumn”)

If you’re a current subscriber, don’t fret! You’ll get two extra 3-Packs too. But since we’ve already packed up your “Mackinaw Autumn” shipment, we’ll send the extras with your Winter 2010 shipment (coming in November)

The first four installments of COLORS individual 3-Packs have sold out in 24 hours, so guarantee you get your COLORS with a subscription, and get two extra 3-Packs. Subscribe now!