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Luddites and Leaves

September 29th, 2009 by Bryan Bedell


Writer Tyler C Hellard used FIELD NOTES to chronicle two days without modern technology for Calgary’s Avenue magazine. Avenue sent more FIELD NOTES to illustrator Kelly Sutherland, who used them for a series of illustrations for Hellard’s story “The 48-Hour Luddite.” There’s a taste at Hellard’s blog Pop Loser, hopefully we can share the entire story when the magazine comes out next week.

A pack of new “Mackinaw Autumn” FIELD NOTES also inspired Sandro Rucci to briefly ignore his gadgets and write a lovely post about his new “Mackinaw Autumn” FIELD NOTES. Thanks!

And if you’re sensing a “back to nature” theme here, you’re right. Patrick Ng, from Hong Kong FN retailer City Super, came across a perfect complement to “Mackinaw Autumn” FIELD NOTES on a trip to Korea: the “Leaf It” kit, a series of leaf-shaped Post-It-type notes.

Here in our beloved midwestern U.S., the temperature is dropping, the winds are brisk, and real leaves are starting to change color and fall, providing us with an endless supply of colorful bookmarks. It’s our favorite time of year but it’s always too brief in Chicago, where it’ll start snowing in a week or two. Of course, we’ll have limited-edition FIELD NOTES COLORS ready for winter, too, don’t miss out, subscribe now!