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“Mackinaw Autumn” COLORS subscriptions

October 20th, 2009 by Bryan Bedell


NOTE: FIELD NOTES COLORS “Mackinaw Autumn” subscriptions are SOLD OUT. Check the COLORS page for our current offering, and join our email list for first dibs on the next FIELD NOTES COLORS.

The fourth in our FIELD NOTES COLORS series of seasonal limited-edition memo books, “Mackinaw Autumn” has been released for Fall 2009. 500 3-Packs of these tri-color graph paper books sold out in less than 24 hours, a new record. Thanks to everybody on our mailing list! FIELD NOTES COLORS subscriptions starting with “Mackinaw Autumn” are available now.

Like a shrink-wrapped and pressed collection of fall leaves, this edition contains three different cover colors, all from the French Paper Company in Niles Michigan; one in a burnt red, one in a running-board brown, and one in a harvest moon orange, all with brown text.

  • Sketches for award-winning Jack-o-Lantern designs.
  • The Twitter handle of the blonde girl at the bonfire.
  • Lecture notes and/or Beer Pong tournament brackets.
  • Set lists.
  • Fantasy football rosters and trade ideas.
  • The things that suck about your current job.
  • The things that don’t suck about starting your own thing.
  • Anything by William Carlos Williams.
  • Planning for canning and making jams.

Our “Mackinaw Autumn” memo books are the perfect place to record, analyze, and solve these important issues of the season. Subscribe to FIELD NOTES COLORS and never miss a new installment, and be sure to sign up for our mailing list (top left of this page) to find out about special offers and limited editions before they’re available to the public.

UPDATE: Subscribers now get two BONUS standard 3-Packs, one Graph and one Ruled. More details here. That’s TEN 3-Packs over the course of your subscription, plus the usual extra goodies.