Field Notes


2010, plus bits of 2009 and 2011

December 11th, 2009 by Aaron



Our new FIELD NOTES 18-Monther calendars are in, and shipping out of FIELD NOTES Midwest. Act now!

01. BIGGER: 8″ x 12″!
02. THICKER: 60pt Chipboard! NOT TO BE MESSED WITH!
03. BETTER: Chart the next 18 months with us. This one won’t let you down.
04. 18-MONTHER: Last couple months of 2009, and the first six months of 2011. Free. Just because we can.

As well as our expanded list of “REAL BIG DAYS” on the back. It’s all there, compiled by the impressive Steve Delahoyde. Some dates in December to look forward to:

Dec. 16th – Philip K. Dick, author  (b. 1928)
Dec. 22nd – Lenny Bruce First Convicted of Obscenity (1964)
Dec. 30th – Edwin Hubble Announces Existence of Other Galaxies (1924)

Get one before they are gone!