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Thank You, FIELD NOTES Nation!

December 17th, 2009 by Bryan Bedell

Charlie Todd's Creative Morning

Oh man, we’ve been busy lately, getting FIELD NOTES “Just Below Zero” and 2010 Calendars out to the People. In the rush, we’ve fallen way behind on thanking all our great customers and friends that make us what we are:


COOLHUNTING’s “Best of Web” Roundup.
Grain Edit’s Holiday Wish List.
IDSGN Holiday Gift Guide.
Six Revisions’ Awesome Gift Ideas for Designers.


North Coast Zeitgeist loves the new calendar, and reminds us all to “go with what works.” Uncanny!

Erwin Penders compares us to M-skins in Dutch, (presumably favorably!)

PFSK declares “Field Notes Is Bringing Color To Office Supplies,” which is kinda funny because we originally made our name by stripping the color out, right?


Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere handed out FIELD NOTES at his Creative Morning in Brooklyn last week. (photo above)

Zane St. SW spotted the handsome FN display at Nest Interiors in Amarillo, TX


Skaw got a sneak peek at a recent custom job for a little t-shirt company that rhymes with “headdress.”

Keith Bolland got his money’s worth out of his orange Mackinaw Autumn.

Julian Moffatt is addicted. Are FIELD NOTES disrupting your life? Call 312-243-1107.

Anoat1970 has a hefty collection, too.

Ballookey compares us to our inspiration.

Beau Colburn hopes 2010 is as big as his calendar.

Refidnas recycles his bellybands (and inspired Camille to post!).

Ryan Wolf has the FN holiday spirit.

As always, we really appreciate all the love and support, even if we take a month to acknowledge it.