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Spanning the Globe

January 26th, 2010 by Bryan Bedell


Last Wednesday we offered a free FIELD NOTES Mixed 3-Pack to anyone ordering anything from Response was positive, to say the very least, and we had a busy few days filling all the orders. A few cheapskates ordered six pencils for $3.49 to get their free 3-Pack, but hey, the deal said “anything,” and we stood by it. Ain’t nothing wrong with taking advantage of a good deal.

Here at FN HQ, we all buckled down and packed orders (in my case, forgetting the free 3-Pack half the time and having to re-pack orders). All the bulging kraft-paper envelopes were traveling to points all over the globe by Friday morning, and we’ve started to see the usual (and appreciated!) blog postings, emails, flickr photos, and such that accompany any FIELD NOTES mailing blitz. As just one example, Tom Zeigler of NYC sent the photo above of our “FN-09 General Purpose Band of Rubber” TOTALLY DOMINATING his rubber band ball.

If you missed out on this surprise offer (it was a surprise even to us until Wednesday morning), you’ll certainly want to sign up for our mailing list, up there in the top left corner of the page. If an occasional email is too much to bear, try our RSS feed (but only the mailing list gets new COLORS presale announcements!).