Field Notes

Field Notes In Action:


February 11th, 2010 by Bryan Bedell

The March 2010 Vanity Fair features a great feature story about beloved Chicago filmmaker John Hughes. Throughout the article, David Kamp describes Hughes as a lifelong writer and note-taker. Page 263 features a Dan Winters photograph of part of Hughes’ extensive collection of notebooks, and just inches from the original handwritten script of The Breakfast Club (A Mead spiral notebook labeled “Detention”) sits a familiar-looking kraft-paper-covered memo book. Most of us here at FN HQ grew up with Hughes’ films, and ever since he placed his first order, we’ve been fantasizing about what great ideas Hughes shared with his FIELD NOTES.

UPDATE 2/25: Aaron Draplin reveals a bit more about Hughes’ relationship with the DDC and FIELD NOTES, and promises to share the whole story someday.