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Threadless Winner, Chicken Dinner,
and More Customized Field Notes

February 24th, 2010 by Bryan Bedell


You may remember we made some custom FIELD NOTES for our friends at Threadless and they ran a contest on flickr a coupl’a weeks ago. One of the ten winners, Kyle Kastranec, posted some photos of his winnings and shared his winning entry:

So I answered the question of how I would use a custom 3-pack of Threadless Field Notes with this:

I will use the first to plan a chest painting for every single Cleveland Browns home game next season.

I will use the second to document my vintage t-shirt collection (via precise color facsimiles) for future generations to envy.

And I will use the third to help me memorize the name and placement of every human organ in case I decide to become a doctor.

We will certainly follow up with Kyle to see the finished notebooks, especially the chest painting sketches, matched to photos, matched to Browns’ final scores. Thanks, Kyle!

We’ve been crazy busy with custom editions lately. Aside from a few “logo jobs” like these, we did Kids’ “Neon Ice Pop” FIELD NOTES for J.Crew’s “CrewCuts” kids’ store, the aforementioned Threadless books, and a couple other colorful runs we can’t talk about yet, not to mention our upcoming limited-edition Spring 2010 COLORS set, which will be available soon for presale to our e-mail list. Sign up at the top of the left column of this very page!

As always, drop Michele a line if you’re interested in customized FIELD NOTES!