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Field Notes + Evernote = Awesome

March 10th, 2010 by Bryan Bedell

One of our favorite people, Interaction Design czar Brendan Dawes, is using some of our favorite software, Evernote to catalog his FIELD NOTES.

For each Field Note book I simply scanned (…) each double spread (…) Then I made a new notebook in Evernote and dropped them in.

Here’s the killer thing though. Evernote indexes handwritten notes and makes the text searchable. It’s not perfect but it now means that my Field Notes archive is now searchable. It also means that they’re always with me; on my iPhone, the web or on my desktop.

Evernote made their own custom-branded FIELD NOTES way back in October 2008, we’ve always known that Evernotes and FIELD NOTES were a match made in heaven.