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Masterful Ways From The Past

April 6th, 2010 by Aaron


Man, that is some wicked type in that little yellow triangle!

“Farwell Ozmun Kirk and Co, St. Paul”

Sure, bit of a mouthful but check out how they got that stuff to “point” at their list of wholesale hardware items?!

All of this, on the cover of a long-forgotten memo book, luckily dug up by little ol’ me somewhere in my loose travels. I can’t remember if I got it out of a widow’s junk drawer or antique shop or maybe even from some shark-toothed “picker” off an online auction service called “eBay.” The exact place and time escapes me, but that ain’t what’s important. It is rescued and spared from the landfill, burn pile or local pulp recycler.

Here it is, for the ages, to think about when you use your Field Notes brand memo books. All these old books we find factor into how we curate Field Notes for you, and for the world, always thinkin’ about the masterful ways of the past.