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Field Notes Public Service Announcement:

Field Notes Public Service Announcement No.03

April 15th, 2010 by Aaron


That’s right, folks. All the styles that matter: Graph, Ruled and Plain.And to jumpstart your latest memo book, we’ve compiled a rather loose list of “Practical Applications” for whatever your flavor of line might be.

GRAPH: Spatial calculations, pixelated icon designs, frenzied matches of Tic-Tac-Toe and that perfect design of the deck you’ve always wanted to “add on” to the homestead.

RULED: Penmanship practice, carefully crafted lyrics, a missive pleading for parole, passive aggressive public notices, a lover’s note folded into some tabbed triangle thingie and maniacal lists of whatever you can dream up worth listing.

PLAIN: Freehand drawings, waiting room doodles, tripped-out mind-expanding-page-filling works of psychedelia and maybe even a loving portrait of your flea-bit pet.

There you go. Now get to work! As always, we thank you for believing in Field Notes brand products.