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Retail Additions:

Lots More White Dots! (Round Two)

April 27th, 2010 by Michele Seiler

Retail Additions

Whew! So many new stores we had to make a second post to fit them all in. Starting off in sunny CA we say hi to Juxtaposition Home in Newport Coast and Heritage in Roseville and then move on to Driftwood, ReForm School and Lawson-Fenning in LA. Moving on up the coast to Seattle and The Elliott Bay Book Company and Spindle Shop. Heading into our territory in the Midwest, we say welcome to Space 519, opening May 1st in Chicago, IL, the Bureau of Urban Living in Detroit MI and the super nice folks at the Northwoods Rescue Sanctuary in Pine City, MN. Finally, a big welcome to our first retailer in Kentucky, Vespa Lexington in Lexington. Thanks to all for carrying Field Notes!