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Renegade Pencils and Mongolian FIELD NOTES

August 11th, 2010 by Bryan Bedell

Ewan, John, and Jason, collectively Renegade Pencils, are on their way to Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia in an ambulance. They’re participating in The Mongol Rally, partnering with Pencils of Promise to raise money to build three schools. When they get there, they’ll also donate the ambulance. Their blog features great photo, video, and text updates from the road, and you can follow their progress on this map. As of this writing, they’re in Kazakhstan and already have loads of great stories to tell.

FN_MongolWe wanted to support the Renegade Pencils (and their cause) from the comfort of our air-conditioned office, so we outfitted them with special “Road to Mongolia” FIELD NOTES. These books are just like our regular graph paper books, but carefully translated into Mongolian, inside and out, by our new friend Otgonbayar at It was no small challenge, but the wistful charm of our original text was preserved. We hope.

If you’d like to support the effort too, AND score a very-limited-edition notebook, you have two options. Hunt down the ambulance on the road to Ulaan Baatar, or order below. Only 400 3-Packs will be sold online, and $5 from each purchase goes to Pencils of Promise.


Big thanks to everyone who made a purchase.
We’re sending $2,500 off to Pencils of Promise.

“Road to Mongolia” edition FIELD NOTES will ship August 20, 2010.

This special edition is not included in our COLORS subscription service.