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“A Toque and Some Headphones”

September 1st, 2010 by Bryan Bedell


An embarrassingly late shout out to Audra of the long-running and great Nemu*Nemu comic. Ages ago, Audra sent us an awesome limited-edition Gocco-printed Field Notes notebook featuring Nemu and Anpan in Bob and Doug McKenzie garb, created in an edition of 15 to sell at a Canadian comics convention. The Canuckophile’s dream notebook references the album-only pre-song banter with Geddy Lee on “Take Off,” and we’re going to assume the root beer is a reference to Canada’s second-most-beloved-brothers.

Audra and her Gocco have been cranking out customized FIELD NOTES for a while now, and you’re in luck, the current “Up Up and Away” version is available now in the Nemu shop.

UPDATE: Audra posted more photos of older editions on her blog, and they’re promising new editions for October and November.