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Ravens Are Flying

October 30th, 2010 by Bryan Bedell

Field Notes - Raven's Wing

Individual 3-Packs and COLORS subscriptions of our sinister new “Raven’s Wing” memo books were all shipped last week, and we’ve spotted many in the wild.

The photo above is courtesy of Brandon Leedy, (he’s posted another one here). Forrest Vess shows the texture nicely. Darice goes high-contrast B&W. Danklyn’s showing his off. Toby Barnes scored a pair of 3-Packs. That’s actually six ravens, which can be collectively (and awesomely) described as either a “storytelling” or an “unkindness” of ravens. Seriously, we looked it up.

Remember, Raven’s Wing subscriptions are still available, and if you missed out on our 3-Pack presale, keep in mind: a large unkindness of these babies have flown out to our beloved retailers, so you can still catch a 3-Pack at many of our FIELD NOTES retail locations.

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Field News · Partners:

Rough Trade Shops

October 29th, 2010 by Bryan Bedell

We’ve been busy with several FIELD NOTES customizations lately, and one of our favorites is pictured above. Rough Trade’s first record shop opened in 1976 and became legendary in punk, reggae, post-punk, and indie circles. A record label followed in 1978, putting out records by The Smiths, Scritti Politti, Swell Maps, Stiff Little Fingers, Cabaret Voltaire, and hundreds more great bands. The label was spun off from the store in 1982, but Rough Trade Shops’ two London locations are still gobbing in the face of a declining music retail industry, providing a carefully-curated selection for discerning music junkies. We’re ecstatic to know our humble notebooks will soon be on their shelves.

If you think your logo, slogan, or cattle brand would look at home on a FIELD NOTES notebook, drop Michele a line, she’ll be happy to go over the details with you.

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Field Notes In Action:

A Letter from Antarctica

October 27th, 2010 by Bryan Bedell


Brad Buckley, from the Department of Biology at Portland State University, writes, “Here’s a of pic of us in the field down here in Antarctica, catching fish. Thought you might enjoy it. We use Field Notes all the time. I also attached a pic of the penguins that hang out near our field site, because, well, they’re just way too cool.” Thanks for that.

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Field Notes In Action:

Artisanal Sharpness

October 26th, 2010 by Aaron


Field Notes “Sheet Team” member Nick Schuder of Portland sent in this snippet this morning. Looks like we made it on the pages of Fast Company with our pencil. Something to do with that artisanal pencil sharpening guy.

Just for the hell of it—and hey, it’s Tuesday, so I’m feeling wild—I’m going to pretend that the guy is completely “for real,” and this whole thing isn’t some subversive farce that a couple overly-educated New York City laughmongers dreamed up to poke fun at the fact that yahoos are dressed like Amish guys, waxing their mustaches and creating “artisanal” crap at inflated prices, laughing with each order that rolls in. Something like that. I’m smelling something. We’ll put that aside and go with the flow.

15 bucks, in some world, is a fair price to have your pencil “artisanally sharpened,” right? Hey, whatever floats your boat, or sharpens your lead. Just as long as its one of our No. 2 Wood Grain Lacquer-free renewable cal-cedar wood casing, recyclable aluminum ferrule, enviro-green degradable eraser and certified non-toxic imprint inks!

Thank you for believing in our pencils, big world. And Mr. Artisanal Sharpener, may you grace our lead-encased shafts of wood with your precise methods.

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Raven’s Wing for Fall

October 25th, 2010 by Bryan Bedell


Yesterday afternoon we announced our Fall COLORS limited-edition. As usual, loyal subscribers to our mailing list got first crack at them and they purchased almost the entire run in just a few hours. 3-Packs are sold out but you can still get them as part of a COLORS subscription. The moral of the story is that it pays to be on that list. Sign up over on the left.

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Colors · Field News:


October 22nd, 2010 by Bryan Bedell

@andysantamaria’s tweet this morning cracked us up:


We hope he’s joking. Don’t turn to crime, Andy! Just sign up for our mailing list (at the top of the left column there,) you’ll be the first to know when new editions are released, before they sell out.

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Idea File:

And Don’t Flop About

October 21st, 2010 by Bryan Bedell


Field Notes loyalist Jonty Bell from Sydney, Australia wrote in with this new product idea for a storage box. Drop a line to crew@ and let us know what you think.

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Field Notes In Action:

In The Driftwood Room

October 8th, 2010 by Aaron


I woke up this morning to a nice email from Mette Hornung Rankin. First off, I marveled at that name. Quite a mouthful, and oddly poetic. Then, I clicked the link he sent, and was treated to the “centerfold sketch” you are seeing above. A cool chair, ornamental architecture and a couple dachshunds. We’re down with all of it.

Here’s the link we are talking about, straight from Mette.

Yesterday, I woke up with a charlie horse in my calf. The day before that, some turd across the street decided to “whack weeds” at 8am. Today, I woke up to this, and I’m all smiles.

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Partners · Products:

Pants for Your Field Notes

October 7th, 2010 by Bryan Bedell


Field Notes retailer MS&Co. has unveiled a new line of U.S.A.-made selvedge denim accessories, featuring a sleeve specially designed for FIELD NOTES. Stylishly protect your FIELD NOTES from the world, or protect the world from your FIELD NOTES (either way).

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