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Artisanal Sharpness

October 26th, 2010 by Aaron


Field Notes “Sheet Team” member Nick Schuder of Portland sent in this snippet this morning. Looks like we made it on the pages of Fast Company with our pencil. Something to do with that artisanal pencil sharpening guy.

Just for the hell of it—and hey, it’s Tuesday, so I’m feeling wild—I’m going to pretend that the guy is completely “for real,” and this whole thing isn’t some subversive farce that a couple overly-educated New York City laughmongers dreamed up to poke fun at the fact that yahoos are dressed like Amish guys, waxing their mustaches and creating “artisanal” crap at inflated prices, laughing with each order that rolls in. Something like that. I’m smelling something. We’ll put that aside and go with the flow.

15 bucks, in some world, is a fair price to have your pencil “artisanally sharpened,” right? Hey, whatever floats your boat, or sharpens your lead. Just as long as its one of our No. 2 Wood Grain Lacquer-free renewable cal-cedar wood casing, recyclable aluminum ferrule, enviro-green degradable eraser and certified non-toxic imprint inks!

Thank you for believing in our pencils, big world. And Mr. Artisanal Sharpener, may you grace our lead-encased shafts of wood with your precise methods.