Field Notes

Field Notes In Action:

A Letter From Teresópolis, Brazil

January 26th, 2011 by Bryan Bedell

“I don’t have a better picture, because the car was in movement while I took this one, but… it represents all I had in that sad day: my helmet, my skull bag, my rain coat, the field notes and my heart aching, so the will to help the others.”

“Hi, My name is Daniele… and I am from Brazil.

“I just bought Field Notes Balsam Fir after a long search for simple, yet usefull notebooks. They arrived just fine and when I opened I fell in love in the very instant. That’s why I will try to buy more next month not just for me but for my partner, who also fell madly in love.”

“But, despite all of our hapiness to have such beautiful and inspiring notebooks, in our city a catastrophe happened. I live in Teresópolis, where a huge amount of landslides killed several people. I was a volunteer from Red Cross, and I had to write reports about people needs when we delivery food to them. Even count the deceased. Field Notes become my second hand. Not only to make lists, but maps, little notes, everything… sometimes in a harsh conditions. But they handle all, they helped me and I’ll never forget how important they are to me… ‘cuz all I saw is written on them.”

Here’s information about the efforts of the Brazil Red Cross in the area and link to Doctors Without Borders too.